Moisés Lee Cheon – Folkwang Preisträger 2015

Sparte Musik

Am vergangenen Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015, wurden die diesjährigen Folkwang Preise verliehen. Die

Folkwang StudiScouts haben die PreisträgerInnen interviewt und stellen sie im Porträt vor. Calvin Lennig hat sich mit Moisés Lee Cheon unterhalten, der mit dem Folkwang Preis in der Sparte Musik ausgezeichnet wurde.

Moises Lee Cheon | Foto: Sebastian Schobbert

Moises Lee Cheon | Foto: Sebastian Schobbert


Studienfach I Semester:

Violoncello | 5. Semester

Art des Abschlusses:

Master of Music - Professional Performance

What inspires yoü

"Strictly musically speaking, my teacher (and former teachers) and the great composers, compositions and performers of the past and the present. In a general level, nature (the creation), people (the ones created in the image of God) and art (the ability of people to create beauty and/or communicate feelings through music, painting, dance, literature, architecture...)."

How did you cope with the moments of failure during your study?

"I put things into perspective and remind myself about my priorities. My professional goal is to become a successful musician, but it is not the goal of my life. As a Christian, my ultimate purpose is to give glory to God (Soli Deo Gloria) in everything I do. I know that some people might regard this negatively as a lack of ambition or point out that for an artist, art must be the first and only priority; or simply cringe at the very mention of God. I would say that the confidence of knowing that someone is guiding my steps (even if sometimes I don’t understand the path), the humility to acknowledge that everything I have comes from him and the gratefulness that it brings; all these give me more happiness and fulfilment than the recognition of other people or fellow musicians, and at the same time, encourages me to work harder for it without falling in despair during difficult times."

What are your goals at the moment?

"At the moment, orchestras."

What was your programme about?

"In my programme I had to show a broad range from the cello repertoire. For me, showing the technical ability and the knowledge of the different styles is not the point, but to confirm that a performer is a man who speaks intimately to another human being through music, no matter from which period it is. This is what I have been working on with my teacher since I came to Folkwang: not only to show on stage how clever, confident, prepared or impassioned one can be, but to make use of those things in order to let the music grasp audiences’ ears and speak to their hearts. Therefore..."

What does the Folkwang-Preis mean to yoü

"...I am very happy and grateful for the recognition of this work; but as I said before, I also try to put it into perspective."

Why do you study at Folkwang? What brought you here?

"My teacher, Prof. Young-Chang Cho."

Please finish this sentence: "For me Folkwang is..."

 "...the school where I have unexpectedly stayed the longest time in the last 10 years."

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Calvin Lennig / 15. Juli 2015