Rolf Hoppermann

| General Music Training for Dancers, Dance correpetition
_Teacher for Special Tasks
_Guidance counselor of faculty 3
_Faculty: 3

_Phone: +49 (0) 171 1494133 (official)


Short biography

Rolf Hoppermann is a music educator and independent music teacher and has been working at the Folkwang University of the Arts since 1987. He teaches at the Institute for Contemporary Dance (IZT) in Department 3 "General Music Teaching for Dancers" in the degree programs: Dance B.A., Dance Composition M.A. and Dance Pedagogy M.A. Likewise, repetition at the IZT is part of his responsibilities.

He is a guidance counselor of the department 3.

Rolf Hoppermann studied organ with Prof. S. Ahrens, piano with Prof. K. Frisch and Prof. I. Zucca-Sehlbach, and harpsichord with Prof. W. Smigelski.


Activity Characteristics

Music, as a "flowing temporal event", is sensed and " understandable" to the point where "the observer" becomes aware of criteria for recognizing, terms for describing, and sensomotoric experiences, and therefore becomes available for a creative process of action.


In dance, as in music, especially "the rhythm" is an essential characteristic of expression for the human being and can be experienced in many ways as "movement in time".
In the subject "General Music Theory for Dancers" Rolf Hoppermann describes basic principles of this "flowing movement in time" and makes the students, as "dancing people", aware of, for example, proportions of pulse, rhythm and meter.


The understanding of time and period as a structure of potential form an elementary framework for perception and creation.
Within the correpetition with piano and percussion, improvisation is the " favored musical medium of communication" for Rolf Hoppermann, in order to accompany the teaching process in a movement-oriented way and to create the atmosphere for the students in a momentary way.