Dear Folkwang Intranet Users,

the following behavioural guidelines have been created to ensure courteous interaction among the users of the Folkwang Intranet and to prevent the misuse of data. 

We would therefore ask you to:

  • never share your access data with third parties
  • never pass on information or personal data without the permission of the authors
  • take note of the fact that each user is responsible for the content published under his/her name (access data)
  • never send or e.g. publish any insulting, threatening, offensive, hurtful or defamatory content in the discussion forums. Please also read and comply with the relevant behavioural guidelines set out in the forum and the terms of use.
  • check in case of conflicts, whether personal contact (private email, telephone call or a personal meeting) would not be a preferable medium to resolve problems and continue communication 
  • contact the administrator of a group or one of the members of the intranet team for help if all else fails
  • honour personal rights and comply with brand and copyright laws 
  • keep your posts short and to the point, and add a relevant subject (title) to ensure that readers will find the information they are looking for
  • never add any commercial marketing items
  • never introduce viruses or other harmful programs into the intranet, which could cause damage of any kind.

Your University Management and the Folkwang Intranet Team


Download of the General Netiquette

Note: For reasons of better readability, the additional mention of the female form in text has been foregone. We wish to point out, however, that the exclusive use of the male text form is to be understood as explicitly neutral

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