Academic Studies

Art and Design Science Master study course

The cross-institutional, single-subject Art and Design Science (M.A.) Master programme of the Folkwang University of the Arts is a consecutive programme for graduates, who have completed one of the following BA study courses with a final grade of "good" or better:

  • Industrial Design
  • Photography
  • Communication Design
  • Art Pedagogy
  • (as well as) social science and humanities BA study courses

It is also aimed at students with corresponding (state-recognised) degrees of a comparable social science and humanities study course at another national or international universities (including teaching study courses).

The study course begins in the winter semester, and the standard period of study is two years or four semesters.

The study course serves the engagement with design phenomena. As a distinction with respect to practice-oriented study courses, the Art and Design Science Master study course particularly communicates knowledge and abilities on academic engagement with design-oriented and artistic artefacts and positions, as well as their time-related locations in the context of cultural, political and social phenomena and processes. Complex design processes are debated from various perspectives and using different methods from the fields of cultural studies.
The theory of design and art studies serves to evaluate possible solutions for concrete issues in cultural studies. The students are enabled to perform scientific works, to critical classification of scientific knowledge as well as their mediation in operational processes. The programme also includes the possibility of preparing for a doctoral study, and completing this in a corresponding study course at the Folkwang University of the Arts.

Graduation takes place with the conferring of the title Master of Arts in Art and Design Science.