Foto: Seda Karaoglou

Academic Studies

The Folkwang’s academic world in overview

Scholarly reflection and applied research have always been important factors in the Folkwang University’s artistic canon, as can be seen in subjects such as Musicology, Music Pedagogy, Dance History, Art and Design Science, Ergonomics or Theory and History of Photography. All Folkwang programs are supported by analysis, reflexivity and historical awareness regarding the subject area in question. In addition, there are independent academic courses that are closely linked (in the Folkwang’s characteristic way) with stagecraft, operational use and both artistic and creative realities. Doctoral studies are possible in the science of art and design science, musicology and music pedagogy.

Every Folkwang scholar is an artist too
From WS 04/05 onward the Folkwang has offered (for example) the “Musicology in combination with an artistic discipline” program, which is unique in Germany. The course demands artistic aptitude from every student but also equips him or her with the qualifications to work in the concert or culture business, media, dramaturgy, editing and so on. Likewise students of music pedagogy and school music at the Folkwang University of the Arts gain both the special training and the practical proficiency for their own musical work with children and teenagers.

Research and publications
Folkwang scholars have won prestigious critics’ and musical edition prizes in the past few years. New historical editions have not only been published but have also been brought to the stage by international stars. Work in the Centre for Research on Musical Exile (Zentrum für musikalische Exilforschung) culminates regularly in impressive exhibitions and performances. An important cooperating partner for designers is the Institute for Art and Design Sciences (Institut für Kunst- und Designwissenschaften – IKUD) at the University of Duisburg-Essen.