Workshop Pool

One area of emphasis at the Folkwang Hochchule is the idea of interdisciplinarity: a knowledge of the expression of other arts and expressive forms, music, mime, physical theatre, musical theatre. Out of this idea has emerged a system of interdisciplinary tuition in the first year of study, so as to support the meeting together of students and their various arts. Once a week, all students work with different lecturers from all  subject areas.

This working experience is deepened in the second and third years of study in the “workshop pool”. Here students can find a range of subjects that are not offered in the curricula, and all students in the entire Performing Arts faculty have a free choice, Participation is mandatory. Lecturers are German-speaking and international artists and teachers who are likewise interested in working and doing research in this free space. The workshop pool is held in the last 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the winter semester.

In future we plan to further develop and build up this area, to create platforms where students from all faculties (including the Design faculty) can do research, experiment and create together, crossing boundaries and engaging with the world, society, art and expression.

Programme 2018