Main course "Voice"

Cynthia Jacoby-Deventer

Voice | Music Theatre

Opera, Operetta, Oratorio, Voice Physiology

_Member of the BDG - Bundesverband Deutscher Gesangspädagogen

Andreas Kohn

Voice | Music Theatre

Voice, Song Course, Audition Training

_Project Management "Classical Music meets Jazz"

Prof. Rachel Robins

Voice | Music Theatre

Opera, Operetta, Oratorio

_Study programme coordinator Voice | Music Theatre


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Prof. Martin Wölfel

Voice | Music Theatre

Opera, Operetta, Oratorio, Early & Contemporary Classical Music

_Opera, Operetta, Oratorio_Early & Contemporary classical music

Stage training


+49 (0) 178_4798939

Achim Lenz

Directing, Acting, Voice | Music Theatre

Role studies

_Konzeption & Projekte

Ivan Lukic

Voice | Music Theatre, Acting, Directing

Body awareness, Alexander Technique


+49 (0) 178_2184423

Music training

Ana-Maria Dafova

Voice | Music Theatre


_Teacher for special tasks | Faculty Equal Opportunity Representative Fac. 3

Sébastien Joly

Voice | Music Theatre

Correpetition voice

_Teacher for special tasks


+49 (0) 201_4903-128

Dirk Wedmann

Voice | Music Theatre

Correpetition voice, M.M. Vocal Duo for Pianists

_Supernumerary Professor

Other occupational fields


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