Dorothee Föllmer

_Musical | Speech
_Faculty: 3



Curriculum vitae

Dorothee Föllmer (1979) was born in Aachen and lives in Cologne. After her acting studies at the ZHdK in Zürich and an ensemble engagement at Theater Kiel, Ms. Föllmer earned another certification as a Linklater teacher (DLT) in Germany and New York.

She has been giving elocution lessons in the Musical Department of the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen since 2016. In order to further align body and voice, she also completed a training as a Talmi® teacher for functional body integration awareness and movement.

She has been teaching the Talmi® method, which is enhanced by her experience in Feldenkreis, Gyrotonic and yoga, as well as fundamentals of acting and scene studies at the Theaterakademie in Cologne since 2016. In addition to her teaching, Mrs. Föllmer has continued to work as a freelance actress in various theaters, films and television.





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