Application for the aptitude test “Musical” (B.A.)

On this page you will find:

1.) Information regarding the application for the aptitude test
2.) Details about the aptitude test
3.) A list of documents you will need to provide at the time of enrollment, should you successfully pass the aptitude test.

Application | Registration
For the study course “Musical” you will need the following documents:

    • Application to participate in the qualifying examination (For applications to start in the summer semester 2021 the form is open from 1. October (NEW!) to the deadline on 15. November.)
    • CV/Résumé
    • One passport photo (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
    • A photocopy of Certificate of graduation/diploma of last attended school
    • Receipt for payment for the application fee (bank statement)
    • If applicable, a photocopy of Certificate of graduation/ diploma or certificate(s) of enrollment from previous universities
    • If applicable, certificate of foreign university entrance examination, e.g. APS certificate, American College Test (ACT), College Scholastic Ability Test, a simple copy of University Entrance Examination Center test or of other international educational achievements that constitute a university entrance qualification for Germany, such as completed periods of studies
      Country-specific information:

    Please note: We must have received your application documents in paper form not later than the application deadline November 15th (for the following summer semester).

    Application fee

    For your application a fee of € 50 is due.

    Note: If you apply for multiple programs simultaneously, the fee is € 50 for the first application and € 15 for every additional application. The amount due will be automatically calculated and shown to you on the application form.

    Aptitude test

    The entrance examination usually takes place in February. Please note that applicants will have to be on site in Essen Werden for the entrance exam. Please be aware that the entrance exam is a multi-stage process in which a candidate can be eliminated at any time.

    Pre- and Preliminary selection (1st and 2nd Rounds)

    The preliminary selection process consists of the following 4 successive tests, which are built upon each other:

    1.) Vocal/Singing examination
    Candidates will be tested on two contrasting pieces (preferably from musicals, one of which has to be in German), which they have memorized. Sheet music for the chosen pieces should be a.) Legible  b.) In the proper key  c.) Properly taped/bound together for easy page turning. Loose pages are not allowed!  Candidates may not use recorded accompaniment nor may they bring their own accompanist.

    2.) Dance examination
    Candidates will take part in a group class where elements of classical dance (prior knowledge is essential), modern dance and jazz dance will be tested.

    3.) Musicality examination
    Candidates will undergo a test for musicality, quick musical learning (melody, rhythm) and concentration through short non-written music dictation and melodic improvisation exercises.

    4.) Acting examination
    Candidates will be asked to perform by memory excerpts of two roles in German taken from the traditional theater repertoire, which they have prepared themselves (ca. 10 minutes in duration). One of these excerpts must be from the classical era up to and including the 19th century, and one must be taken from the literature of the 20th and 21st century. Additionally, the candidate might be asked to improvise on a given theme. Poems and original, self-written texts will not be allowed.

    Please note: Should a candidate not pass one of these tests, he will be disqualified from further tests.

    Final Selection Round

    During the Final Selection Round, candidates will be tested again in singing, dancing, acting and ensemble work.  Should a candidate be deemed unqualified during one of these tests, he/she will be disqualified from further testing.

    Documents for enrolment

    • Completed application form for enrolment (which will be sent by mail after a candidate has successfully passed the entrance examination)
    • Completed application form for Folkwang Card (which will be sent by mail after a candidate has successfully passed the entrance examination)
    • Proof of existing health insurance
    • Certified copy of Certificate of graduation/diploma of candidate’s last attended school (certified translation where applicable)
    • Evidence of sufficient language skills, if a candidate didn’t do a qualification for university entrance in Germany
    • Proof of payment of the social contribution fees

    If you have any questions regarding the enrolment process, please contact:

    Nadine Spahn

    Department Studies and International Affairs | Office of Student Affairs & Examination Office | Fac. 3


    +49 (0) 201_4903-213