Foto: Florian Dürkopp

Directing – Artist Diploma

The Directing study course at the Folkwang University of the Arts offers an in-depth artistic-artisanal training to prepare for the requirements of the director's profession, to develop talents as well as create an awareness for the societal responsibility of artistic activity. The guiding principle in this regard is that the particular artistic quality shall flower through content-related activity alone and only by means of artistic-artisanal abilities.

In addition, it is assumed that the process of theatre can only be created in respectful cooperation with the performers. Any scenographical concept shall only become a vivid theatrical reality mediation by communication with the actors. Acting/Directing thus describes the inseparability of conceptional work and work with the performers. The directors of tomorrow should express their own specific purpose, their view of the world, both from a deep contextual debate and from the awareness of dramatic theatrical processes. 

Together with its wide range of arts, the Folkwang University of the Arts offers an environment of diversity, enabling students of directing to develop a broad-based, open notion of art. 

Two students a year are admitted to the Directing study course. Both an intensive supervision, oriented to the respective artistic personality of the student, and a lively exchange in the whole directing class is provided.

This study course is aimed at personalities, who have already been able to gain some initial theatrical experience and already bring with them at least some aspects of what it constitutes to be a director. It provides training to young theatre makers, who want their works to express a burning interest in the world surrounding them and are willing to engage in the far-reaching processes associated in this artistic study course.