The performances of the Folkwang Shakespeare Festival 2016

Wed_06.04. | 7.30 pm | Essen-Werden | Neue Aula
Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany
_directed by: Simina German
_in German language
_further dates: Thu_07.04., 7.30 pm & Fri_08.04., 7.30 pm

Sat_09.04. | 7.30 pm | Essen-Werden | Neue Aula
PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts, Cracow
_directed by: Brian Michaels
_in Polish language

Sun_10.04. | 7.30 pm | Essen-Werden | Neue Aula
Durban University of Technology, South Africa
_directed by: Deborah Arlene Lütge
_in English language

Mon_11.04. | 7.30 pm | Essen-Werden | Neue Aula
University of Melbourne, Australia
_directed by: Tony Smith
_in English language

Fri_15.04. | 7.30 pm | Essen-Werden  | Neue Aula
International Production
_directed by: Simina German, Deborah Arlene Lütge, Brian Michaels, Tony Smith
_multilingual performance
_further dates: Sat_16.04., 7.30 pm

Introductions in German language:
45 minutes before each performance | Kammermusiksaal