Professional Media Creation – Master of Arts

A study course of the Folkwang University of the Arts in cooperation with the SAE Institute Bochum.

This study course is aimed at applicants with an artistic aptitude, professional qualification university degree in a relevant artistic/artistic-technical study course and corresponding interest: applicants from professional fields in the creative industry as well as the artistic/artistic-technical media industry

In the course of the study, a complex project will be realised with the use of professional methods and brought to the public's attention. This consists of an artistic project from one of the following areas: music, film, video, installation and media art, sound art, visual art, photography, game art, etc.

Following the successful publication of the project, the study course, based on a modular design, is completed with the "Master of Arts" academic degree, awarded by the Folkwang University.

Study contents

The curriculum includes specialised modules designed to develop advanced narrative and communicative abilities as well as management, law and marketing skills. A compulsory elective module offers not only additional technical subjects focusing on the areas of audio, video, multimedia and light but also artistically oriented subjects in perception psychology, design, application of real-time systems and media history. All of the modules have as their goal the successful completion of the project.

Study schedule

The project-specific lectures in this on-campus Master, which take the form of block teaching, take place both at the SAE Institute in Bochum and the Folkwang University of the Arts.  The lectures are mainly held in block seminars at the weekend. Depending on the technical study focus of the student, it is possible for him to attend current lectures / block seminars both at the Folkwang University of the Arts and the SAE Institute.

The framework conditions for the concluding final project are developed as to their specialisation and bindingly defined at the beginning of the study course. This takes place in the first project planning module. The requirements of the relevant projects relating to marketing, communication, management, etc. are then developed in the course. In the course of constant optimisation, the project is gradually made market-ready and finally performed.

Aims of the study course

All the contents of the PMC MA culminate in the successful, public performance of the project, which will enable the student to market and present himself.