Jazz | Performing Artist (Bachelor of Music)

The main objective of the programme is to equip students for the professional life as a jazz musician with its many different demands, and to enable them to be competitive in related fields. Building on a solid mastery of their instrument, students will learn to develop approaches to a musical language of their own and to work securely in different styles. The various classes engage with the foundations of the jazz tradition as well as the currents in the present-day scene. Ever since the Jazz programme was established, the course has included the production of electronic sound with computers and the relevant software; this is continually updated to keep pace with changes in technology. Studio practice, image scoring and computer animation are also included in the curriculum.

Through the course students gain accomplishment in both technical/artistic and technological/media areas. They document this process in their graduation project, a sound or sound/image production project for which they are independently responsible.

Study options (Main subjects)

The following instruments/specialisations can be choosen as main subject:


_Jazz voice
_Jazz electric bass
_Jazz guitar
_Jazz piano
_Jazz double bass
_Jazz trombone
_Jazz saxophone
_Jazz drums/percussion
_Jazz trumpet
_Jazz violin


_Composition/Arrangement - In combination with one of the main subjects listed above.

_Important note: For the main subject "Composition/Arrangement" there are currently no free capacities and therefore no applications are possible.