Application “Integrative Composition” (M.Mus.)

Amendments to the conducting of the aptitude testing procedure for the 2020/2021 winter semester:

In accordance with § 4 Section 1 of the Exceptions Regulations issued by the President's Office in the implementation of the Corona Epidemic Higher Education Ordinance (Official Notification No. 364), on 20th May 2020 the President's Office of the Folkwang University of the Arts has decided to adopt the proposal of Faculty 1 and make the following amendments to the conducting of the aptitude testing procedure for the Faculty 1 study courses:

Integrative Composition, M.Mus.

Supplementary to the regulations laid down in the Framework Provisions for the Determination of Artis-tic or Course-specific Aptitude and Special Artistic Talent from 6th June 2018 in conjunction with § 3 of the Examination Regulations for the Integrative Composition Master study course from 12th July 2017, the aptitude testing procedure will take place as a two-stage procedure.

The first stage will be digitally conducted and consists of the timely submission of applicants' own com-positions by electronic means.

This can take the following form:
1. Submission of scores in paper form
2. Submission of scores, recordings, clips or other suitable formats in digital form
- as files on a physical standardised data medium (CD, USB stick, or similar)
- online via a link to download the associated files, which must remain valid to 1st October 2020 at least
- online via a link to a streaming service that enables the composition to be listened to (SoundCloud, YouTube, BandCamp, etc.)

Any combination of the above options (e.g. scores in writing, recordings online) is possible.

In addition to the compositions, a draft of the Master project, also in paper form or the above digital formats, must also be submitted.

The criteria for assessing the works are laid down in § 3 of the Examination Regulations for the Integra-tive Composition Master study course.

If this first stage of the examination procedure is passed, the candidate is invited to the second stage.

The examination in the second stage (colloquium) can take place with the candidate physically present or digitally as a videoconference.

On this page you will find information on the application and the aptitude test as well as on the documents you will need to provide at the time of enrolment, if your application is successful.

Application | Registration
For the study course “Integrative Composition”  you will need the following documents:

    • Application to participate in the qualifying examination (For applications to start in the winter semester 2021/22 the form is open from 15. January (NEW!) to the deadline on 15. March.)
    • CV/Résumé
    • One passport photograph (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
    • Leaving certificate (simple copy) of last attended school
    • Leaving certificate or transcript of records of your former unversity/ies
    • When changing the university/study programme or resuming your studies (in each of these cases) on the same study cycle with the same main subject (instrument/voice): Transcript of Records of the previous studies (simple copy)
    • Receipt for payment of the application fee (bank statement)
    • If applicable, certificate of foreign university entrance examination such as APS certificate / American College Test (ACT) / College Scholastic Ability Test / University Entrance Examination Center Test (simple copy) or other international educational achievements (simple copy) that constitute a university entrance qualification for Germany such as completed periods of studies; country-specific information:
    • Your own works in the form of original scores (especially for CAS instrumental composition), recordings, videos etc.
    • A concept (project plan) for an artistic development project that describes the topics and intended results of the artistic examination during the Master study programme

    Please note: We must have received your application documents in paper form not later than the application deadline March 15th (for the following winter semester).

    Application fee

    For your application a fee of € 50 is due.
    If you apply for multiple study courses simultaneously, the fee is € 50 for the first application and € 15 for every additional study course. The amount will be automatically calculated and shown to you in the application form.

    Aptitude test

    The aptitude test for the study course Integrative Composition usually takes place in the first weeks of May. Please note that you will have to be on site for the aptitude test.

    A colloquium will be held on the basis of the submitted works and the project plan. Decisive for the awarding of a place of study is the proof of an autonomous artistic position, advanced technical and artistic abilities, the connectivity to current artistic developments as well as the basic practicability of the project plan within the given timeframe.

    The exact requirements for the works and the parts of the test can be viewed here (Please note that the requirements may change for future aptitude tests.):


    Aptitude test requirements (Master_Faculty 1)

    Documents for enrolment

    • Completed application form for enrolment (send to you by mail after having successfully passed the aptitude test)
    • Completed application form for Folkwang Card (send to you by mail after having successfully passed the aptitude test)
    • Proof of existing health insurance
    • Certified copy of leaving certificate of your last attended school (certified translation where applicable)
    • Certified copy of your bachelor certificate (certified translation where applicable)
    • Evidence of sufficient language skills, if you did not acquire your qualification for university entrance in Germany
    • Proof of payment of the social contribution

    If you have any questions regarding the enrolment process, please contact:

    Alexandra Kiene

    Department Studies and International Affairs | Office of Student Affairs | Fac. 1 & 2


    +49 (0) 201_4903-234

    Nadine Knobloch

    Department Studies and International Affairs | Office of Student Affairs | Fac. 1 & 2


    +49 (0) 201_4903-295

    Jennifer Schwarzer

    Department Studies and International Affairs | Office of Student Affairs | Fac. 1 & 2


    +49 (0) 201_ 4903-233