Instrumental Training – Bachelor of Music

Strings, piano, period instruments, accordion, recorder…  This course gives its graduates a technical and artistic qualification that enables them to establish themselves in the competitive ‘market’. Based on the demands of the profession and its changing requirements, the course provides students with the strong skills and knowledge needed for independent and multidisciplinary artistic work. Ever since Folkwang was founded, well-known musicians and outstanding instrumental pedagogues with international reputations have been teaching in the instrumental programme.

Along with the requisite compulsory module, students may take special elective modules in the second half of the course. In some modules students can work intensively to deepen their knowledge; in others, they can gain new skills. Many possible combinations are available in this course configuration: outside of the compulsory modules, students may select their areas of concentration and thus consolidate their own particular skills and aptitudes.

Central artistic majors

  • a) Accordion
  • b) Baroque cello
  • c) Baroque violin
  • d) Recorder
  • e) Harpsichord
  • f) Bassoon
  • g) Guitar
  • h) Harp
  • i) Horn
  • j) Clarinet
  • k) Piano
  • l) Double bass
  • m) Oboe
  • n) Organ
  • o) Trombone
  • p) Flute
  • q) Percussion
  • r) Baroque flute (Traverso)
  • s) Trumpet
  • t) Tuba
  • u) Viola
  • v) Violin
  • w) Cello

_Important note on instrument options: For the instruments recorder and horn there are currently no free capacities and therefore no applications are possible.

_For the instruments clarinet and trumpet, applications for the start of studies in summer semester 2021 will be suspended; applications for the start of studies in winter semester 2021/22 will be possible again (application deadline: 15.3.2021).