Admission as a junior student

At the Folkwang University of the Arts, the course offerings for junior students are managed by the Institute for the Promotion of Young Talent „folkwang junior“. Currently the offerings are aimed at highly talented school pupils in the fields of music and theater. To take up a study as a junior student, the consent of the mainstream school attended is required to attend artistic lectures at Folkwang.

The Junior Study Course serves as preparation for a subsequent music study course and currently consists of 90 minutes individual tuition a week from one of our teaching staff. In this course, it is possible to receive individual tuition in classical music instruments and composition as well as – providing teaching capacity is available – jazz instruments. In addition, subject to available capacities young students can also attend regular Bachelor study course lectures given by Faculties 1 & 2. Contact with the teaching staff is recommended before the application is made. Please use the „folkwang junior“ coordination office to initiate contact.  

Although both study fees and the semester contribution (Studierendenwerk (Student Body), General Student Committee (AStA) and VRR/NRW ticket contributions) are dispensed with in the course for junior students, an application fee is still payable. Information on the application fee is available here. Junior students are not entitled to receive the NRW/VRR semester ticket. They receive the status of a guest student. Upon request, their study and examination performances will be credited in a subsequent study course.

To apply as a junior student, please complete and sign the form below (in the case of minors, the person having parental authority shall sign) and send it together with all other required documents to our university. You will find the exact address and a list of the documents to be submitted in the form.

The application deadline for starting the study in the winter semester (in October) is 15th March, and for starting the study in the summer semester (in April) is 15th November of the previous year. Please note that the application in paper form must have reached us before expiry of the deadline.

Application to participate in the aptitude test for junior students

For their aptitute test (AT), applicants for the Junior Study Course are requested to prepare a minimum of two works from at least two different styles. The AT has a total duration of ca. 15 minutes. On the day of the test, you will have to present the examination commission a list of your prepared repertoire, from which the commission will then select the pieces to be performed. There will be no music theory test.  In addition to the mentioned information the following rules apply: AT-requirements for Junior Study Course [in German only].

If you have any questions, please contact the Central Student Advisory Service