The Guest Student Programme at Folkwang

Those persons interested in participating in individual lectures at the Folkwang University of the Arts can apply to be admitted as guest students.

Participation as a guest student is only possible for certain lectures with the consent of the lecturer concerned. Participation in lectures with individual tuition is excluded. The guest student programme is only possible to a very limited extent for practical group classes.  In Faculty 4 - Design - only theory seminars are open for guest students. Participation is also excluded if this would result in students of the Folkwang University of the Arts not being able to participate for reasons of capacity. There is no entitlement to admission as a guest student. You can find an overview of the programme of courses currently available in the "Folkwang Organiser" lecture timetable.

Registration as a guest student is only valid for the semester in question. A new application is required for each new semester. The guest student fee is 100 Euros per semester.

Please note that guest students are not enrolled at the university – they have the status of "member of the university". Therefore there is no accident insurance cover in accordance with § 2 I Nr. 8 c) Sozialgesetzbuch VII (SGB VII). Entering and using the facilities of Folkwang University at the Arts is at your own risk. As a guest student, you may not sit any examinations and thus cannot acquire any achievement certificates. An exception is possible for refugees – they may sit examinations and acquire achievement certificates. Furthermore, guest students may not make use of the practice rooms, workshops or studios outside of their attendance at the lectures.

The Central Student Advisory Service Team would be delighted to give you advice if you would like general information on becoming a guest student.

Please send your application to become a guest student in written form (application form and curriculum vitae) by 20th March for the following summer semester, and by 20th September for the following winter semester to the following addresses:

Faculty 1 (Practical artistic/musical courses):
Dean`s office | Ms Nadine Overkamp
Application Form Faculty 1

Faculty 2 (Artistic, artistic/academic, artistic/pedagogical and academic courses):
Dean’s Office | Ms Catrin Köhler
Application Form Faculty 2

Faculty 3 (Performing arts courses):
Student Matters | Ms Gabriele Wurl und Ms Tabea Maciolek
Application Form Faculty 3

Faculty 4 (Design courses):
Student Matters | Ms Cornelia Hohmann und Ms Sonja Zenker
Application Form Faculty 4

ICEM (Professional Media Creation) & Faculty 1 (Popular Music)
Student Matters | Ms Tabea Maciolek
Application Form Central Institutes

Further information on the allocation of the study course to the Faculties is available here.

The account information for the transfer of the guest student fee is as follows:

Account Holder: Landeshauptkasse Düsseldorf
Institute: HELABA Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE20300500000004012217
Reason for Payment: 95000000804 /‘guest student's name’

Please replace ‘guest student's name’with your full name. Please make sure to fill in the purpose of payment as shown so that the payment can be allocated correctly.