Before studying & Start of study

You will find abundant information that is important to be aware at the Before studying & Start of study page.First and foremost are the various questions relating to the application for a place: what artistic aptitude is and in what form references/certificates are to be submitted.

On starting to study, questions will arise concerning not only, say, health insurance, applying for a visa, financing the study and looking for accommodation, but also   crediting academic performances already achieved.

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Recognition of examination performances

On request, examination performances previously acquired in Germany or abroad in the same subject can be recognised at the Folkwang University of the Arts provided that no significant difference exists in relation to the competences acquired. We have compiled detailed information on the recognition process for you on the Recognition of examination performances page.

Applying for a place

Before you can start to study at the Folkwang University of the Arts, you first have to apply for a place and take part in an aptitude examination.

For your application, you have to complete, print out and sign our online application form and send it – together with other documents, such as your references/certificates and your curriculum vitae – to our university. Only when we receive all your documents is your application regarded as completed and can be further processed. Before starting the application process, first of all find out which documents and verifications are required for your application from the pages of the course you wish to study. There you will find a link to the online application.


Although our university does not charge study fees, a study course is nevertheless associated with regular costs for rent, shopping or the social contribution. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), for example, estimates the average livelihood costs at about 800 Euros per month. More details on the costs involved are available in the German, English and Spanish languages at the DAAD website.

Other useful information pertaining to costs is available here
German Student Union

BAföG (German state student financial assistance)

There exist various possibilities for your study to be financed. Many students receive BAföG, work in their spare time, obtain scholarships or participate in competitions.

BAföG is a state-funded system designed to support German students. General information on how to apply, on supplementary earnings as well as loan repayments is available on the website of the Essen-Duisburg Student Union.

Unfortunately, BAföG funding is not available for students from abroad.

More details on funding possibilities are available here.

Part-time avocational activity

In addition to receiving BAföG, there also exists the possibility of part-time avocational activity. One of the examples of current offers in this regard is available here:

Folkwang Intranet

Folkwang artists' engagement agency

The University of Duisburg-Essen Job Board

Please note: international students in the possession of a study visa may only work 120 days (or 240 half-days) a year. More information is available on the Essen-Duisburg Student Union website or in the guidelines of the German Academic Exchange Service.

Scholarships and competitions

Another self-financing possibility is by the granting of scholarships or by successfully taking part in competitions. An overview of current scholarships and competitions is available here.

GasthörerInnen & Jungstudium

Interessierte Personen, die an einzelnen Lehrveranstaltungen an der Folkwang Universität der Künste teilnehmen möchten, können auf Antrag als Gasthörerin oder Gasthörer zugelassen werden. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Rubrik GasthörerInnen.

Das Jungstudium bietet besonders begabten SchülerInnen im Rahmen der Nachwuchsförderung die Möglichkeit neben dem Schulbesuch in den musikalischen Fächern zu studieren. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Rubrik Jungstudium.

Health insurance

In order to be able to enrol at the Folkwang University of the Arts, you must provide evidence of a health insurance that is valid in Germany. We would be delighted to advise you further with this as well as provide you with addresses of health insurance schemes.

Health insurance for national students

For national students under the age of 25, it is sufficient to provide a certificate of your family insurance. After you have reached this age, you must have your own insurance.

Health insurance for international students

Students, who are not insured in Germany, have the option of having their home-country insurance confirmed by a health insurance in Germany as being valid here. This confirmation is regarded as exempting you from the German insurance obligation for the entire course of your study here. Please note that, say, at an advanced stage of your study, you may no longer be insured through your family and cannot then be accepted into the German statutory health insurance. In this case, you will have to insure yourself privately – this is considerably more expensive than a statutory health insurance. More details on this are also available on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service.

Please note: in general, the cost of the statutory health insurance for students is approx. 80 Euros per month. This rises to approx. 160 Euros when you reach either the age of 30 or the 14th semester of study.

Artistic aptitude

Generally decisive for your admission to study at the Folkwang University of the Arts is your (particular) artistic aptitude. In order to determine this, aptitude examinations, which differ according to the study course concerned, are conducted for each study course. What is tested at which aptitude examination and how the aptitude examinations are conducted can be viewed on the websites of the individual study courses. Applicants, who do not possess the general university entrance requirements (school-leaving certificate qualifying for university admittance, master craftsman), will be tested for a particular artistic aptitude as part of the aptitude examinations, while applicants, who do possess the university entrance requirements will be tested for their artistic aptitude.

Applying for a visa

Applicants from most countries outside the European Union require an entry visa for Germany before starting their study at the Folkwang University of the Arts. In order to apply for such a visa, a certificate showing a provisional reservation for a university place is required. The invitation letter issued by the Folkwang University of the Arts to participate in the aptitude examination can be used for this purpose. Please present this invitation letter to the German Embassy in your country in order to obtain a visa.

An overview of entry requiring a visa is available on the website of the German Foreign Office.

Please note: possession of a tourist visa does not entitle the holder to enrol at the Folkwang University of the Arts. A tourist visa cannot be subsequently changed into an entry visa for the purposes of studying. Please ensure that you apply for the entry visa at the German Embassy or the German Consular Office in your own country in good time before the intended date of entry.

One requirement for the issuing of a residence permit is proof of sufficient financial resources. You must provide evidence that your livelihood is secured for the duration of your study stay in Germany. It is not possible for the financing to be provided by work because the residence permit issued is only for the purpose of studying and does not include a work permit.

More information on this is available from the respective German diplomatic representation in your country.

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There are various possibilities available to live in the vicinity of the university campus. Firstly, the Essen-Duisburg Student Union provides a range of student accommodation in Essen and Duisburg, for which you – as a student at the Folkwang University of the Arts – can apply. Here an online application either in German or English is possible. For this purpose, you must first enter various personal and study-related details and submit a digital copy (e.g. in PDF or JPEG format) of your identity card and – as appropriate – your visa. Following your online registration you will receive an email with your data.

Please note: only when you have confirmed your data is your application completed.

Extensive information on the subject of student accommodation is available here on the website of the Essen-Duisburg Student Union.

In addition to student accommodation, it is also possible to rent an apartment or a room in a shared apartment. For this purpose, you can browse the online accommodation portals or check the postings on the notice boards in the university.


References/Certificates issued as part of the school or university education already achieved require certification once you are admitted to a study programme. For your application simple copies in German or English are sufficient. Please note that the process of certification can last up to several weeks.

References/Certificates from those interest in studying who live in Germany

The certification of references/certificates issued in Germany is usually undertaken by the school or public offices (e.g. city administration) concerned.

References/Certificates from those interest in studying who live outside Germany

References/certificates issued abroad require certification either on the part of the German diplomatic or consular representation in the country of origin, or alternatively, on the part of the diplomatic representation of the country of origin in Germany. As a matter of principle, references/certificates written in a language other than German shall be submitted together with a translation in the German language, the correctness of which has been certified either by the relevant German diplomatic or consular representation in the country of origin, or alternatively, by an authorised interpreter or translator in Germany. On request, the authenticity of references/certificates shall be verified by the aforementioned relevant German Offices.