Lecture catalogue

Folkwang University of the Arts lectures can be viewed in the Folkwang Organiser and thus the Organiser replaces the printed version of the lecture catalogue.

Here you find the lectures online in the Folkwang Organizer:

Folkwang Organizer

Background of the Folkwang Organizer

Along with the general conversion of course structures to Bachelor’s/Master’s structures as part of the so-called Bologna process of course standardisation, a new, modular examinations administration and information system from HIS (Hochschulinformationssysteme – University Information Systems) has been introduced at the Folkwang University. The system allows optimal cross-linking of data.
The Folkwang University's information section offers you the advantage of a continually updated lecture catalogue.

In coming semesters, more advantages will gradually become available – such as the possibility of searching for lectures via a relevant search function, and the option of creating and printing your own individual timetable.

Note: No printed version will be produced!


Responsibility for the content of the Folkwang Organizer (LSF) lies with the teachers at the Folkwang University of the Arts. The service receives editorial support from the Academic Centre. Technical implementation at the Folkwang University is taking place through the IT-Systems programme in collaboration with the combined computer centre versa-nrw in Detmold.

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