Enrolment, Re-enrolment & Semester contribution

You want to enrol (or remain enroled) at Folkwang – i.e., re-enrol after a semester? Here you will find all the information you need to know about enrolment, re-enrolment as well as the semester contribution, which you have to pay to our account in both cases in order to receive your semester ticket.

Enrolment (immatriculation)

Following a successful application to study at the Folkwang University of the Arts, the last stage in the process is your enrolment in person in the Office of Student Affairs at Folkwang. Enrolment takes place at the end of September (for starting the study in the winter semester beginning in October) and the end of March (for starting the study in the summer semester beginning in April). For the precise period, please refer to your certificate of admission.

Enrolment/Immatriculation certificate

When enroling, you will receive your access data to the lecture timetable in the online Folkwang Organizer. Via the Organizer, you can immediately print out your enrolment / immatriculation certificate. In addition, both your semester ticket (for free use of local public transport) and your Folkwang email address are available to you directly after your enrolment.

Enrolment documents

You were already informed as to which documents you require for enroling at Folkwang when you received your certificate of admission. You can either send all the documents to the Office of Student Affairs of your Faculty in advance of the enrolment, OR alternatively, bring them with you in person to the enrolment.

In any case, you must provide the following document for enrolment:

  • completed application for enrolment AND Folkwang Card (you received both applications together with your certificate of admission)
  • Evidence of a German health insurance OR an exemption from the compulsory health insurance (i.e. recognition of your foreign health insurance by a statutory health insurance in Germany – refer to information provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in this regard)
  • The original OR certified copy of the general university entrance qualification certificate (a certified German translation is essential for such certificates acquired abroad)
  • In addition, when enroling for a Master study course: the original OR certified copy of the certificate of the primary university degree qualifying for professional employment (for "conditional admission to a Master study", you can hand this in later – please check your certificate of admission as to whether this conditional admission applies to you!)
  • If not already provided during the application procedure: Language qualification for the language entrance level required in the study course (only required if you did not acquire your university entrance qualification in Germany). The table provides you with an initial overview of all language requirements. Further information on language qualifications at Folkwang is available on the 'German as a foreign language (GFL)' page.
  • Evidence of payment of the semester contribution

Enrolment in a higher study semester & Recognition of examination performances

You can only make an application to the relevant examinations committee for your examination performances to be recognised following enrolment. An upgrading into a higher study semester can also only be undertaken following enrolment and only by making an application for recognition. Further information is available on the Recognition of examination performances page.
Please note that the entitlement to major subject instruction provided for in the course study plan in the major and subsidiary artistic subject is accordingly reduced if you have already studied in a study course with the same major and subsidiary artistic subject or instrument(s).

Re-enrolment & Semester contribution

In order for you to remain enroled, you must re-enrol at Folkwang every semester!

Complying with the re-enrolment deadlines

To comply with the deadline, the semester contribution must have been received by the university (i.e. credited to its account) within the following periods:

    • for summer semester: January 15 – March 15
    • for winter semester: June 15 – September 15

    Semester contributions & Composition

    For this purpose, please transfer the semester contribution applicable to you to the account specified below:


    Summer semester 2020


    For Essen: 321,38 €

    For Bochum*: 307,38 €

    The semester fee consists of the social contribution for the Folkwang AStA and the respective student union (Essen-Duisburg or AKAFÖ for Bochum) as well as the mobility fee for the semester ticket.

    *i.e. for the study programmes "Drama", "Directing", "Popular Music" and "Professional Media Creation".


    Notice for cross-registered students:

    Students in a joint study course, that are enrolled at another university as primary student, do not have to pay the semester contribution at Folkwang. Students that are enrolled as a primary student a another university and are not in a joint study course of this university and the Folkwang University of the Arts, have to pay the AStA contribution at Folkwang. All cross-registered students have to additionally present a certificate of enrolment of the primary university for the respective semester for re-enrolment.

    Semester ticket (VRR & NRW)

    The semester ticket for local public transport is not only valid for the VRR (local public transport system around the Folkwang Campus), but also – since 2008 – in the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is only valid, however, in conjunction with the student ID and official identity document (with photo)!
    In addition, special conditions are applicable in the VRR at specific times, including taking a bicycle or another person with you free of charge. More information on the ticket is available on the website of the General Student Committee (AStA).

    Following your successful enrolment (or re-enrolment), you will receive the semester ticket either from the Office of Student Affairs at your Faculty – or at the gate at the Essen-Werden Campus.

    Bank details

    Please transfer the semester contribution in good time before enrolment (or re-enrolment) to the following account:

    Account Information:

    Account Holder: Landeshauptkasse Duesseldorf
    Institute: HELABA Duesseldorf
    IBAN: DE20300500000004012217
    Reason for Payment:
    95000002625 /‘Student's name’/‘Matriculation No.’

    Please replace ‘Matriculation No.’ with your personal matriculation number and ‘Student’s name’ with your full name. Please make sure to fill in the purpose of payment as shown so that the payment can be allocated correctly.

    Address of the account holder (recipient):
    Landeshauptkasse Duesseldorf, Erkrather Str. 339, 40231 Duesseldorf

    Address of the institute (Bank):
    HELABA Duesseldorf, Uerdinger Str. 88, 40474 Duesseldorf

    Money transfer form sample (Click to enlarge)