International applicants

At the Folkwang University of the Arts, we attach particular importance to internationalisation and diversity. Our some 1,600 students are supervised by a teaching staff of over 400 – many of them of an international origin. More than 35% of the students are from abroad, coming from countries and backgrounds from all over the world. Their presence greatly influences the international ambiance of our study environment. The Folkwang University of the Arts participates in the National Code for international students at universities in Germany and the associated quality standard.

Application procedure for international applicants

a) for a complete course of study

International applicants, who wish to undertake a complete course of study at Folkwang apply in exactly the same way as Germans directly to Folkwang – and not via an external body such as uni-assist). Further details on the application process are available on the Application procedure' page

b) for an exchange study via our International Office

International applicants who wish to study at Folkwang as an exchange student for one or two semesters will find information on applying on the pages of the International Office.

University entrance qualification (UEQ) & Evidence of education abroad

Equivalence of the university entrance qualification (UEQ)

If you have acquired your educational background abroad, the verification must be equivalent to a UEQ acquired in Germany in order for you to be able to study in Germany. The UEQ for undergraduate study courses is the general university entrance qualification and – for post-graduate study courses – a first degree qualifying for professional employment.

Assessment & Certificate evaluation

In some cases, applicant must request a chargeable assessment (=certificate evaluation) in relation to the quality of the previous educational qualifications presented from the ZAB (Central Office for Foreign Education at the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs). This is required, for example, if there is no information stored in the database for your educational institution or your degree. This process can take considerable time in individual cases! If the evidence of previous educational qualifications does not reach us in time by the enrolment period, the accepted student cannot be enroled and the study not be started. For this reason, applicants are recommended to contact the ZAB at an early stage (i.e. even before the application):

Academic certificates & documents acquired abroad

Please not that for enrolment, other requirements apply than those pertaining to the application – these requirements are available on the 'Enrolment' page.

Language & Translation

For the application, only academic certificates and other documents written in the original German or English version are accepted. If academic certificates are also issued in a non-English (or non-German) speaking country of origin in an English or German language version, then this version is considered as an original-language academic certificate.
Otherwise, academic certificates and document in other original languages must be translated by an official authority. In this regard, official authorities are the authorised departments of the issuing institutions as well as – in Germany or the country of origin – legally authorised or publicly appointed translators.

Copies (of academic certificates & documents)

A simple copy of the academic certificates and of other documents is sufficient for the application. For translated academic certificates and documents, both a copy of the original document and the official translation must be included in the application.
If you are accepted to study at Folkwang, then on enroling you are required to present the original (or certified copy) – not the simple copy.

Visa & Residence permit

Please note that with regard to visa matters, we are only able to certify the current status of your application. Due to possible changes in the visa requirements, the following information is given without any guarantee. The current information on visa requirements is available on the website of the German Foreign Office.

More information on this is also available from the respective German diplomatic representation in your country.Whether you have to apply for a visa to enter Germany is dependent on your nationality. Notwithstanding this, all students coming from abroad must apply for a resident permit for their stay in Germany for study purposes after entering. The residence permit is issued as an electronic residence permit.

Further information follows soon

Language requirements & Language courses

The official language of instruction in all our study courses is German. Information on the language requirements for the individual study programmes is available on the respective study course website under "Basic information". The table provides you with an initial overview of all language requirements. Further information on language qualifications at Folkwang is available on the 'German as a foreign language (GFL)' page.
Before the start of the winter semester, free five-week intensive German language courses at the A1, A2, B1, B2/C1 levels are offered for accepted applicants in August/September by the Institute for Lifelong Learning.