Two-stage aptitude testing procedure for winter semester 2021/22

For the following study courses the President's Office and the faculties of the Folkwang University of the Arts decided on a two-stage aptitude testing procedure with digital preliminary round for the admission for a study place in the winter semester 2021/2022. For the first stage you are required to produce video recordings and/or own works and submit a link to them by the application deadline with your application documents (see below). The exact requirements for the two stages can be found under 'Application' on the websites of the study courses:

  > Dance (B.A.)
  > Dance Composition (M.A.)
  > Direction of Vocal Ensembles (M.Mus.)
  > Industrial Design (B.A.)
  > Industrial Design (M.A.)
  > Instrumental Training (B.Mus.) except for instruments of ‚Early Music’
  > Instrumental Training (M.Mus.) with "Contemporary Music" major
  > Integrative Composition (B.Mus.) 
  > Integrative Composition (M.Mus.)
  > Integrative Music Theory (M.Mus.)
  > Music Teaching (B.A.)
  > Music Teaching (M.Ed.)
  > Music Pedagogy (B.Mus.)
  > Musicology (B.A.)
  > Musicology (M.A.) with 2nd subject
  > Orchestral Performance (M.Mus.)
  > Professional Performance (M.Mus.)
  > Voice | Music Theatre (B.Mus.)
  > Voice | Music Theatre (M.Mus.)

Submission of Link for 'digital preliminary round' (Deadline: 15.03.2021)

The deadline for sending your application documents to Folkwang by post  - and for the 'digital preliminary round' - is 15.03.2021. The main component of these documents is the application to take part in the aptitude test. You can make this application using the online application form at and enclose it, signed, with your application documents. 
In the current procedure, you must upload a link in this form for the above-mentioned study courses, which you must already create before filling out the application. The content accessible via the link represents your performance in the first stage of the aptitude test - the 'digital preliminary round'. In faculty 1 the Aptitude Test Committee also asks for a link to your CV.

It is possible for you to provide a link to an initially empty cloud folder or video playlist in the form; however, your files (video recordings, papers, etc.) must be accessible via the link by no later than 15.03.2021 in order for your application to be complete - and remain accessible at least until 30.06.2021 in order for it to remain valid and for the Aptitude Test Committee to be able to evaluate it. Therefore, you can already create the application to take part in the qualifying examination and only make your video recordings and/or documents available via the link later.

When creating a link, the following should also be noted:

   a. Link via video platform
Upload your video file to one of the popular video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Depending on the platform, you can make settings that restrict the visibility of your recordings (e.g. deactivate the public listing on YouTube), so that only people who possess the link can access the video. But if you do so or set a password for the link, please ensure that the link is still usable for the Aptitude Test Committee and that you provide us with the password, if necessary.
If you want to provide several individual videos, you can also create a playlist or showcase with your videos in the respective video platform and then provide the link to this playlist or showcase in the application. (Instructions for YouTube can be found here: and Instructions for Vimeo can be found here: and

   b. Link via Cloud
Upload your file/s to one of the usual cloud storage solutions (e.g. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive). If you set a password for the file/s, please ensure that the link is still usable for the Committee and that you provide us with the password, if applicable. In addition, the link has to be usable for people, who do not have an account with your cloud provider or who are not logged in.

   c. Different contents via one link
If you are required to submit both a video recording and your own works in the form of documents, choose the solution via a cloud provider. This way, the link can point to a folder in the respective cloud solution where you can store both your video in a common format as well as other documents that are required to be submitted in your application.

Please also note these instructions:
_Check the accessibility of your link in a private/incognito browser window before adding it to your application to ensure that the Aptitude Test Committee can retrieve your content. (Firefox: or Chrome:
_Your video recordings do not have to be of professional quality; a smartphone recording is sufficient. Please ensure, however, that you record the sound in the highest quality possible.
_When uploading to a cloud, please make sure to use common file formats such as PDF, DOC or MP4.
_If it is not possible for you to create a link via a video platform or a cloud storage solution, please contact: