Aptitude test in Music Theory

Information and Sample Test

The following information on the aptitude test in music theory is valid for these music-related bachelor study courses: B.Mus. Integrative Composition with CAS Instrumental Composition, B.Mus. Instrumental Training, B.A. Musicology, B.Mus. Music Pedagogy, B.A. Music Teaching and B.Mus. Voice | Music Theatre.


  • Knowledge of general music terminology
  • Basic knowledge of harmonic and formal principles
  • Proof of an adequate level of ear training
  • Ability to analyse music through listening and through studying a score

The written exam will test your identification of:

  • pitches and intervals
  • chords and keys
  • rhythms
  • aspects of musical form

Entrance Requirements

While the tested material is identical for all candidates, the minimum entrance requirements vary from one degree programme to another. Higher test results are required e.g. for music education (Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen).


Recommended literature for preparation of the music theory placement exams:

  • STEVEN LAITZ, The Complete Musician (english)
  • CLEMENS KÜHN_Musiklehre: Grundlagen und Erscheinungsformen der abendländischen Musik (Laaber-Verlag)
  • CHRISTOPH HEMPEL_Neue allgemeine Musiklehre (Schott)
  • CLEMENS KÜHN_ Gehörbildung im Selbststudium (dtv/Bärenreiter)

Please note that the following sample test serves solely as an orientation as to content and form of the written exam. You can test yourself by comparing your answers in sections 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 with the correct answers listed at the end of this test.

Sample test