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Here you will find projects and graduation projects from all areas of the Folkwang University of the Arts - Music, Theater, Dance, Design and Academic Studies. The database will be continually updated. On the right hand side you can limit the selection using the filter or you can make a specific search for a project.

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_On Folkwang LABs

The interdisciplinary Folkwang idea and the active, transdisciplinary exchange are fostered with particular emphasis in the Folkwang LABs. A Folkwang LAB has a theme of social relevance and features experimental and enquiring, artistic as well as practically applied aspects. It brings together teaching staff and students of different faculties as well as internal and external colleagues of various disciplines. The LABs are integral components of the study courses.

_On Folkwang projects

Experimenting, creating something, making use of and expanding their abilities…. this is what Folkwang students do in their semester projects on an intensive basis. These can be in the form of individual projects, projects in small or large groups, projects together with students of different faculties, projects with both internal and external partners. Under the supervision of a specialised subject teacher, students develop a work with a thematic focus over a longer period – up to a semester or even longer, which is then publicly presented.

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Ein abendfüllendes Tanzstück, kreiert von den Mitgliedern des Ensembles Read more