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Press Relations

We compile press releases on the Folkwang event schedule, all university policy issues of relevance to the public, and developments at Folkwang University of the Arts at the various campuses (Essen-Werden, Zollverein World Heritage Campus), Duisburg, Bochum and Dortmund.

We host press conferences, facilitate interviews and meeting partners, organise and assist with TV and radio broadcasts on site, and evaluate media reports about Folkwang University of the Arts.
You would like to take photographs or film at the grounds or inside the facilities of Folkwang University of the Arts? We will help you obtain the necessary permits to do so. Contact us!

Maiken-Ilke Groß

University Communications | Press officer, Director of University Communications


+49 (0) 201_4903-105; +49 (0)160 4720691


+49 (0) 201_4903-205

Anica Ziganki

University Communications | Event communications |
Deputy Director of University Communications | part-time


+49 (0) 201_4903-402

Press Contacts

In the interests of maintaining a uniform and effective communications strategy, we would request that all contact with and to the media be maintained and organised via the department University Communications. To requests from journalists, for example, we would be delighted to help in finding the proper contact partners for them at the university. Here it makes no difference whether it is a question of teaching staff, artists, academics, students or Folkwang staff, who are all providing their vital contribution in keeping Folkwang – together with its unmistakable concept of interdisciplinary collaboration of the arts – in the news.

Maiken-Ilke Groß


Telephone: +49 (0) 201_4903-105

Press Releases

The Folkwang Events Committee decides, which selected events will receive PR support and will have an own press release published.
If your event is one of these, we require detailed information in good time.

a) For monthly media until the 1st of the preceding month
b) For daily media latest 3 weeks before the event date

Please send your info (photos also welcome) to: Maiken-Ilke Groß


Tel.: +49 (0) 201_4903-105

Photography & Filming Permits

Filming and taking photographs on the premises and in the buildings of the Folkwang University of the Arts – in all locations and campuses – require permission from the university management. Photography & Filming Permissions for Editorial Purposes are issued by University Communications.


Photo & filming permission for editorial purposes

Please complete the form and email it to:



Please ensure that you allow us sufficient time to process your request. Once your application has been approved, you will then receive a permit.

Any photographs/films intended for commercial use must have separate approval from the Folkwang AGENTUR GmbH. These require a separate declaration of usage rights and, as appropriate, also a separate fee payment. In this regard, please contact Ms Hußmann, under the telephone number: +49 (0) 201 18503-400, or at the email address: hussmann(at)

Event Media

We require binding titles and announcement texts for the summer semester event flyer by the 15th January (editorial deadline!). For the winter semester event flyer the editorial deadline is the 15th of July of each year. We will not, unfortunately, be able to accommodate any belated changes or additions after these deadlines.

All events must be registered with the Artistic Management Office. Event registration deadlines are:

  • For major/thematically exceptional events:
  • For the summer semester: 1st July of the previous year
  • For the winter semester: 20th January
  • For all other events:
  • For the summer semester: 2nd November of the previous year
  • For the winter semester: 2nd May

You are welcome to send your information by email directly to Kristina Schulze:
Tel. 0201_4903-205
Location: S 107

The flyer for the event (with all dates, information, participant names etc.) will be published on the Folkwang website soon before it goes to press; the dates will also be forwarded to the date management office and external platforms.