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University Communications

University Communications is the interface between the university and media, Folkwang artists/academics and journalists, teaching staff, students and the public. We provide media representatives with contacts inside the university and assist university members with their communication with the public and the media.

We give information – oriented to the target group concerned – on news in the Folkwang University of the Arts, including concerts, stage events, exhibitions as well as research findings, academic and other events from everyday student life at Folkwang. This ensues by means of press releases and conferences, via the internet and online information platforms, via social media, by information communicated personally, by telephone or by email and by using a wide range of public relation materials, such as flyers, posters, brochures, advertising materials and photos. Open communication, media presence, and concise and consistent external presentation for the Folkwang University of the Arts are our most important goals.

Therefore please keep us updated so that we can also place "your themes" appropriately.

Our services include:

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How can Folkwang students become more visible and more audible – both externally and internally? How can they themselves report on their own projects, ideas and opinions and thus become integrated into the different communication channels at the university? How can internal communication channels between students (on the one hand) and Folkwang employees and teaching staff (on the other) be optimised? The central Folkwang StudiScouts Project, established in the department University Communications, is searching for answers to these questions.

Director of University Communications | Press officer

Maiken-Ilke Groß

University Communications | Press officer, Director of University Communications


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Anica Ziganki

University Communications | Event communications |
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