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The University and Media didactics Department at the Institute for Lifelong Learning informs and advises university teachers on issues relating to university and media didactics in teaching, such as for the didactically designed use of information and communication technologies or the use of new or alternative teaching and learning methodologies.



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E-learning specialisation

In the E-learning specialisation at the University and Media didactics department, the use of media in teaching is promoted and coordinated with the goal of enabling the development of a wide range of skills while enriching the learning situation. As a result of various initiatives, digital media has established itself as a natural part of everyday life – particularly everyday university life. The training and constant further development of information and media literacy is becoming increasingly important and its encouragement represents a desirable objective.

Offers & Services

E-learning case advice

The use of digital media in teaching offers many benefits. In order to draw fully on the potential of e-learning, however, (new) media-didactic concepts and an innovative approach to teaching are required.


The teaching staff are offered a close case advice to support them in the conception and implementation of teaching enriched by media didactics. Here the focus is on the sensitisation for new media and the individual support for the professional structuring of each teacher's own teaching methods with digital media.

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The Mahara e-portfolio system offers each teacher and student a digital portfolio that can be designed and shared according to individual needs. For example, learning progress can be saved and presented in text, video, audio and image form. Furthermore, the connection to Moodle also makes the switchover between the learning management environment and the individual personal portfolio extremely easy.

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The Moodle LMS (Learning Management System) provides each lecture with an additional online area, in which the students can work, exchange views and organise. Thanks to the high degree of flexibility ensured by Moodle – based on enhancements, it is ideally suited to complement the classroom teaching.


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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an outstanding web conference tool for use in teaching. In addition to the possibility of streaming screen contents to all participants via the internet, it is also possible to discuss, organise and work creatively using a digital whiteboard.

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Smartboards are permanently available in rooms S102 and S104 for use in teaching. Here work can be undertaken on an interactive, collaborative and digital basis in the classroom teaching. The big advantage: the seminar results can be extremely easily digitally distributed, say, via Moodle, and the students can actively take part in the seminar themselves.


At the Folkwang Essen-Werden Campus, a media room with computers is available for students in the South Wing (Room S U4). In addition, computers are also available for research purposes in the various libraries. More information: locations of the libraries


You will find workshops and lectures on the development of media competence and on media-didactic themes in the internal further educational courses at:


In addition, you are welcome to arrange introduction dates for the Moodle learning platform or the Mahara e-portfolio system with Robin Schütgens, E-learning Department, by email to:

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