Optional Studies | Key Competences

Key competences in the study-life-cycle

The requirements placed on artists have changed. These days, not only artistic skills, but also social, pedagogical and personal skills (such as self-organisation, dealing constructively with stress or culture and project management) are necessary for artists to master their studies and successfully position themselves after graduation.

In order to support you as a student in the (further) development of various key competences, we offer a portfolio of lectures in the area of Optional Studies, these focusing on the entire study-life-cycle, i.e. the introductory study, the study plan and the degree. Each phase of the study is characterised by special challenges, in which specific key competences are necessary in order to successfully master them. Furthermore, the course both challenges and encourages you in the development of your personality. It is our main objective to bring you together in groups with students of different subjects in the lectures on Optional Studies and open up insights, perspectives as well as potentials for further development to you.

The IfLL offers interdisciplinary courses for the purpose of (further) developing the key competences of all students. These courses are intended to further promote the students’ skills and abilities in their professional, social and self-competence spheres of expertise.

The lectures are oriented to the study phases. This orientation serves as a recommendation for attending specific lectures. It goes without saying that you are free to choose and attend those lectures that suit you personally in every phase of your study, when the learning content and objectives are particularly relevant or interesting for you.

Introductory study phase

The time at the beginning of the study course is a period when you are faced by many new situations. The transition from school to university means that you enter a new phase of life featuring diverse changes. At university, you are responsible for planning your study schedule, finding the lectures suitable for you, structuring your week, your semester, organising yourself, finding a counterbalance to studying, etc. The lectures in the introductory phase of studying (approx. the first two study semesters) are intended to enable you to master the self-organisation of your study, encourage and oversee you as an international student in the development of your linguistic skills while helping you to acclimatise to your new study location. And not least of all, we want to create spaces for you to network with students of different study courses on an interdisciplinary basis from the beginning of your study.

Information on German as a foreign language (DaF)

Both before the start of study and during the study, German language courses are offered for foreign students at the Folkwang University of the Arts. The Language Examination Regulations and information on the language requirements are available here.

Both the language courses in the subject of German as a Foreign Language and further foreign-language courses are oriented to the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR). CEFR is a system designed to describe and make comparable the learning and teaching of languages as well as the assessment of language skills in accordance with common criteria.

Study plan phase

The study plan phase concentrates on tuition, which is particularly suited to students from the 3rd semester onwards and focuses on competences that are of special relevance in this regard. The pressure to perform at an art and music university is a particular feature. This is why it is important to us to provide you with strategies and methods designed to help you strengthen your self-confidence, master stress situations and handle conflicts in a constructive manner. Furthermore, it is in this phase where you may well be faced by the decision of taking a semester abroad, or you would like to improve or refresh your foreign language skills in relation to an internationally oriented professional future. And last but not least, it is a sensible idea – particularly in this phase – not only to familiarise yourself with the cultures of different academic disciplines in association with your study course, but also to extend your horizon for the purpose of discovering and trying out potential interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary spheres of activity.

Graduation phase | Career service

Towards the end of your study, in particular, the question arises as to what will happen afterwards. Especially in the field of art and culture, there are a wide range of potential career paths open to you; here both artistic expertise and diverse key competences are much in demand. In the graduation phase | career service, the course offerings focus on the supporting and setting-up of a successful transition process from university to career. In this final stage of your study, you will find courses designed to provide cross-faculty knowledge in topic areas relating to the preparation for starting a professional career (e.g. business start-up, contract and tax law, cultural management), so as to give you extensive qualifications in diverse professional fields and allow you to present yourself as broadly as possible.

Body awareness course

"By body awareness is understood a general physical presence of mind, a phenomenon that everybody can and should achieve, as a presence that somebody feels and can be felt. Body awareness is part of self-culture – particularly for those persons in artistic-pedagogical careers, just as the standards and the work you set yourself. (Prof. Joseph Fellsches)

Holistic learning lies at the heart of the body awareness course. This course provides all students with the possibility of coming into contact with their own body during the study, in order to enhance their quality of perception, body posture and movement. Lectures documented with credit points (CP) can be credited in the key competences module. The person responsible for the design of the course is Prof. Nadia Kevan.



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