Faculty Council | Fac. 4

Term in office starting from 01-04-2017

Assembly of Professors

Prof. Marion Digel (Dean, with advisory vote)
Prof. Elisabeth Neudörfl (Vice-Dean, with advisory vote)
Prof. Dr. Rautzenberg, Markus
Prof. Dr. Siegel, Steffen
Prof. Muller, Christopher
Prof. Neudecker, Stefan
Prof. tom Dieck, Martin
Prof. Bernotat, Anke
Prof. Mehnert, Kurt

Assembly of Research Assistants, Adjunct Instructors and Lecturers

Dorsz, Christoph
Umbach, Katharina

Assembly of Non-academic Staff

Kühnen, Thomas
Zenker, Sonja

Assembly of Students

Dorner, Claudius
Mausolf, Svea