Team “Excellently advised“

Professional advice and quality assurance at the Folkwang University of the Arts

With the "Excellently advised" project, the Folkwang University of the Arts is pursuing the goal of establishing a comprehensive system of professional and personal advice for students. At the same time the project team is developing a quality management tailored to the specific situation at the Folkwang University of the Arts. The project is funded under the title “Excellently advised – reloaded” during the second funding period of the ‘Qualitätspakt Lehre’, a programme to improve the teaching quality at universities, by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The team “Excellently advised” consists of the Student Advisory Service, the consultancy network, the quality management and the change/project management. The combination of these fields of activity ensures a comprehensive, sustainable and cross-campus advice for learning and teaching, and the custom-fit development of quality assuring instruments and procedures.


Project "Excellently advised"

Central Student Advisory Service

Quality Management

Teacher’s Guide

Team "Excellently advised"

Kristina Rauschan

Department Studies and International Affairs | Project "Excellently advised" | Consultancy Network
_Representative for students with disability or chronic illness


+49 (0)201_4903-383

Dr. Barbara Jesse

Strategic Planning
_Department Studies and International Affairs | Head Project Management “Excellently advised” | Project Coordination Orientation Mentoring 'Start with a buddy'


+49 (0) 201_4903-382


+49 (0) 201_4903-385

Annemarie Döpper

Department Studies and International Affairs | Project "Excellently advised" | Student advisory service
_Deputy Representative for students with disability or chronic illness


+49 (0)201_4903-384 (Di-Fr) & +49 (0)201_6505-1407 (Mo)


Project Kick-off for the 2nd funding period

On 02. February 2017 the project team “Excellently advised” invited university members of all status groups to a project Kick-off-event. In the course of the Kick-off participants were informed about the concrete goals of the team “Excellently advised”, its staffing profiles and planned measures.

The attendants had the opportunity to get into a conversation with the members of the team “Excellently advised” and to contribute their experiences, ideas and specific needs to the further work of the team. The Programme as well as a summary of the Kick-off’s results are available here:

invitation to the event (incl. programme) [in German only]
summary of the event [in German only]
The Kick-off was attended by the team “Excellently advised” and the following university members:

  • Prof. Kurt Mehnert, in his former function as President of the Folkwang University of the Arts
  • Prof. Till Engel, Dean of Faculty 1
  • Prof. Bruno Klimek, Dean of Faculty 3
  • Prof. Marion Digel, Dean of Faculty 4
  • Anke Beeren, General Manager of the General Student Committee (AStA)
  • Dr. Christiane Boje-Karaaslan, Director of the International Office
  • Gabi Bruckschen, Institute for Lifelong Learning – Internal Further Education
  • Nina Kaiser, Equal Opportunity Officer
  • Catrin Köhler, Dean’s office of Faculty 2
  • Stefanie Melters, Institute for Lifelong Learning – Officer Optional Studies
  • Lena Nölkenbockhoff, Institute for Lifelong Learning – Further educational courses for externals
  • Nadine Overkamp, Dean’s office of Faculty 1
  • Marianne Schmidt, Dean’s office of Faculty 3
  • Robin Schütgens, Institute for Lifelong Learning – E-Learning
  • Eileen Simonov, Institute for Lifelong Learning – ‘Start with a Buddy’ orientation mentoring