Initiatives for refugees

The Folkwang University believes that it has a responsibility to demonstrate solidarity by recognising people who have fled their homes as actors in their current circumstances in life and thereby contribute to providing them with suitable living and working conditions, in relation to which education and culture naturally play a major role.

For this purpose, the university has set up a coordination centre to bundle together the commitment of all members of the university, network with relevant partners and launch new initiatives. The perspectives and the needs of the refugees in their particular current situation represent the starting point for the conception of all our activities. This is actively promoted by measures undertaken by Diversity Management.

Study and the Guest Student Programme

Providing appropriate conditions are met, it is possible for refugees to take up a study course or attend lectures on the basis of the guest student programme at the Folkwang University of the Arts. The Student Advisory Service Team will provide you with various support services to aid you in your application. This includes, in individual cases, facilitating the task of verification of your higher education entrance qualification. It is also possible to apply for financial support and scholarships. We will gladly help you personally and individually in all matters. Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) Team.

Preparation for the aptitude tests

In individual cases, Folkwang teaching staff support you in preparing for the aptitude test. Here too, please contact the Student Advisory Service Team: BMBF Team

Educational support

INTEZ: e.V.: The non-profit organisation INTEZ e.V. provides highly qualified immigrants with scholarships for their post-qualification period while also acting as a contact partner for companies wishing to make internships available to members of this target group. INTEZ is an association registered both at the Folkwang University of the Arts and the University of Duisburg-Essen. Contact:

Network of artists

We invite you as artists to network with university teaching staff and students, initiate artistic projects together and establish new contacts. If you are interested, please apply to: Nina Kaiser

Folkwang Projects

Folkwang teaching staff/students and refugees conduct together artistic, academic and pedagogical projects. If you are interested, please apply to: Nina Kaiser

Free admission tickets to Folkwang events

10 free admission tickets for refugees to each Folkwang event are reserved in the Folkwang University of the Arts ticket shop. Those persons or institutions wishing to attend a Folkwang event are kindly requested to telephone the Folkwang ticket shop and book the tickets in advance. More tickets for selected events can also be made available on request. Contact: Birgit Geominy


The City of Essen | Anja Wieland, Office for Social Affairs and Accommodation, Coordination Centre for Refugee Accommodation, Steubenstr. 53, 45121 Essen.