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Protection against sexual harassment

The Folkwang University of the Arts does not tolerate sexual harassment in any form whatsoever and is committed to preventing it. It has established a counselling service that anybody who feels they have been sexually harassed can turn to. This service is anonymous, confidential, free of charge and does not take place on the university premises.

Contact: 0201/862 12 12 or ombudsstelle(at)

If desired, the Central Equal Opportunity Representative will arrange the contact for the initial counselling or accompany persons affected to it.

Information on the counselling service

Persons affected by sexual harassment are entitled both to information concerning their rights and to receiving help. Even the suspicion of a transgression against sexual self-determination and/or discrimination based on sexual harassment is sufficient for you to receive counselling.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to obtain information in the safe environment of a protected area, what specific issues and objective you have, what steps you would like to take and what legal possibilities are available.

In addition, the university has enacted the following guideline for dealing with cases of sexual harassment:
Guideline on protection against sexual self-determination transgressions and discrimination based on sexual harassment (DE)

This guideline is a protective measure designed to put the implementation of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG 2006) in concrete terms and expand its scope to those persons who are not employees within the meaning of the AGG. It applies to all members, employees and guest students as well as visitors to the university.

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