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Scholarships & Grants

In the development of its funding policy, the Folkwang University of the Arts attaches great importance to sociopolitical considerations. Below you can find an overview of internal and external funding opportunities for students with family responsibilities. For all other funding options, please visit the university’s dedicated website on funding and scholarships.


Projektfonds "Antidiskriminerung und Gleichstellung"

Der Projektfonds „Antidiskriminierung und Gleichstellung“ fördert Projekte von Studierenden, Lehrenden und Mitarbeiter*innen in Technik und Verwaltung, die sich inhaltlich mit Antidiskriminierungs- und Gleichstellungsthemen an der Folkwang Universität der Künste beschäftigen.

Internal scholarships

Scholarship for Artists who Graduate under Exceptional Circumstances


Students who have to graduate under exceptional circumstances face a unique set of challenges, by having to reconcile care work, a (chronic) illness or impairment or social and financial difficulties with the completion of their graduation project. Financial support during this phase can reduce the burden – be it childcare costs or the loss of a part-time job. Students of all Faculties can apply for the new graduation scholarship.

Deutschlandstipendium with a Focus on Family Responsibilities


The Deutschlandstipendium with a Focus on Family Responsibilities was conceived to relieve low income students. They can apply for the scholarship once a year and receive a grant of € 300 / month for the duration of one year - provided they are in financial need and are not currently on leave of absence from their studies.

Doctoral fellowship "Family Responsibilities"


The doctoral fellowship "Family Responsibilities" was established in order to provide financial relief for young researchers who have to look after children and / or take care of a relative. Doctoral students with family responsibilities receive € 300 per month for a maximum of three years, or until they have received their doctorate.


External scholarships

Federal Foundation for Mother and Child - Protection of Unborn Life


Pregnant women experiencing an emergency can receive additional financial aid through the Federal Foundation for Mother and Child without any red tape. The funds of the foundation are intended for example for the initial provision with essential goods required for the care of small children. Applications can be made through local advice centers. The addresses of your local advice center can be found via DAJEB (please select "Entgegennahme von Anträgen für die Bundesstiftung 'Mutter und Kind'" when prompted).

Foundation for the Support of Women who have recently given Birth


Women who have just given birth and are in need can apply for a one-time allowance of € 500. The applicant must live in Essen. Attention: the application can only be made within three months of the birth!

Präsenz vor Ort


The scholarship “Präsenz vor Ort” is intended to help with resuming artistic work while bringing up a child. It is announced bi-annualy. Musicians living and working in North Rhine-Westphalia can apply if they have children under the age of 14.