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Faculty Equal Opportunity Representatives

The Faculty Equal Opportunity Representatives work towards their faculty’s fulfillment of the legal equal opportunity mandate. They support the central Equal Opportunity Representative with expertise in their respective areas, accompany job filling and appointment procedures, contribute to the Faculty Gender Equality Plans and take on advisory functions in the event of a violation of personal rights as defined by the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG).

Are you interested in equal opportunity policy at the university and would like to become involved in your department as an Equal Opportunity Representative? Then register with the Central Equal Opportunity Representative.

From 01.04.2019

Faculty 1

Vanda Albota

Instrumental Training

Correpetition woodwind

_decentral Equal Opportunity Officer Fac. 1

Eugenia Smirnova

Instrumental Training, Orchesterspiel, Professional Performance

accompaniment brass instruments

_Teacher for special tasks


+49 (0) 511_5334701 und +49 (0) 171_5267827


+49 (0) 6326_967888

Faculty 2


+49 (0) 201_4903-215


+49 (0) 201_473971

Faculty 3

Dr. Anja K. Arend

The Institute of Contemporary Dance

Dance theory, Dance history, Dance archive

_decentral Equal Opportunity Officer Fac. 3


+49 (0) 201_4903-109


+49 (0) 201_6505-1604

Prof. Nadia Kevan

Voice | Opera, Musical, Physical Theatre, Directing, Acting, Dance

Movement study and Body awareness

_Directing, Acting, Physical Theatre, Dance, Music, Music Theatre_decentral Equal Opportunity Officer Fac. 3


+49 (0) 201_4903-119

Faculty 4


+49 (0) 201_6505-1502


+49 (0) 201_6505-1516