Illustration: Louisa Kron


Commission on Anti-Discrimination & Equal Opportunity

The Commission on Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity is tasked with advising the central Equal Opportunity Representative and the university administration on its statutory equal opportunity mandate and its anti-discrimination practice.

In everyday university life, this means specifically

  • Advising the university on the implementation of new projects or measures in the areas of anti-discrimination, equal opportunity and gender and diversity
  • Commenting in the event of an objection lodged at the president’s office by the Central Equal Opportunities Representative
  • Overseeing the implementation of the university’s long-term anti-discrimination and equal opportunity strategy
  • Advising on specific measures such as in the allocation of daycare places, the award of equal opportunity-related scholarships and emergency aid as well as the allocation of funds for anti-discrimination and equal opportunity-related student projects

If you would like to discuss a topic in the commission or seek advice, please contact us. The contact details of all commission members can be found next to the linked profiles.

Constitution of the commission

  • Nina Kaiser (Central Equal Opportunity Representative, Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Simon Dickel (Professor of Gender and Diversity Studies, Representative for Gender and Diversity in the President’s Office, Faculty 4)
  • Prof. Nadia Kevan (Professor of Movement and Body Awareness, Faculty 3 Equal Opportunity Representative)
  • Ken Richter (Teaching Staff for Special Tasks, Faculty 2)
  • Natascha Ziegler (Student, Faculty 1)

Regular guest: Kristina Rauschan (Representative for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses)

The diverse constitution of the commission links actors from art, science and administration and enables a multi-disciplinary view on all topics related to anti-discrimination and equal opportunity. Depending on the topic, additional guests may be invited to the meetings.