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Balancing studies, work and personal life                                     

The Folkwang University of the Arts provides a range support options tailored to the needs of our students and staff. Among other services we offer counseling and childcare support, financial aid for students and doctoral students with children, as well as flexible working hours for members of the administration who help their relatives.

These programs are designed specifically to address all family arrangements with their individual needs and not only traditional heteronormative models.

Family Services


Family Services advises all university members on questions they may have regarding the proper balancing of studies, work and personal life.

Cooperation with the day care groups “Löwenbande” and “Löwenhöhle”


All university students and staff can take advantage of our agreement with the "Löwenhöhle" and "Löwenbande" day care groups. Read more here.

Childcare fund "Folkwang Flying Nannies"


Our childcare fund "Folkwang Flying Nannies" supports student parents by reimbursing them for short-term babysitting arrangements with one of our student babysitters. A unique characteristic of this project is that all babysitters are students who look after the children of their fellow students – on campus or at home. For a fee, this service is also available to applicants and employees.

Scholarships & Grants

Here you will find an overview of internal and external grants aimed at improving the balancing of studies, work and personal life.

Leave of Absence – Part-time Study – Compensation for Disadvantages


For the final phase of pregnancy and the period immediately after birth, but also when raising children and caring for close relatives, a leave of absence offers the option of temporarily interrupting your studies without suffering a disadvantage. Leaves of absence are given for the duration of one semester and must be applied for within the dedicated re-registration period in the Dean's Office. If the leave of absence is due to an obligation to care for children or close family members, students are exempt from the university policy stipulating that examinations cannot be taken during a leave of absence.


Since the winter semester 2015/16, the Folkwang University of the Arts is offering students with family and / or professional obligations, illnesses or disabilities the option to study some of its full-time courses part-time. No specific model is specified – instead, an individualized study plan is developed together with you. Some courses have been designed specifically as part-time courses or are offered both in full- and part-time.


In addition, due to pregnancy, childcare and the care for close relatives, students can request so-called “compensations for disadvantages”. Among these are extended deadlines for course work or the deferment of examinations. For further questions please contact your faculty examination office.


The student advisory service is available to answer any questions you may have about studying part-time, leaves of absence and compensations for disadvantages.

Taking your child to campus


Here you can find an overview over all offers for family on and around the various Folkwang campuses.