Illustration: Louisa Kron


Complaints Office

In order to deal with complaints efficiently, the university has set up a Complaints Office that processes complaints about discriminations under the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG) and violations of sexual self-determination reliably and on time. All employees of the Complaints Office are obligated to maintain confidentiality about matters that are brought to them in their function.

If you are not sure whether the matter is the responsibility of the Complaints Office, please do not hesitate to contact us. If in doubt, you will be forwarded to a person or office that can help you.

How is the Complaints Office structured?

The Complaints Office is made up of

  • an advisor/arbiter who is appointed by university management (Central Complaints Officer)
  • an independent lawyer who has experience and qualifications in dealing with AGG cases (legal ombudsperson)

The Complaints Office cannot act as a referee and has to remain neutral. The Central Complaints Officer will attempt to bring together those afflicted with those who are responsible for / can remedy their grievances. In more severe cases – such as infringement on the right to sexual self-determination – she can act as a counselor and accompany through the formal complaints procedure.

Who can file a complaint?

All members of the university as well as visitors can informally report a conflict to the Complaints Office at any time. To protect the afflicted person, the notification can also be made anonymously or through a trusted third party.

Initial consultation

In order to make an informed decision about which informal and/or legal steps are available to them, persons who report a conflict can first seek guidance from the Complaints Office.

They also have the right to directly contact the legal counselor at the Complaints Office if the Central Complaints Officer is unable to provide advice for technical or personal reasons or if the afflicted person refuses a consultation with the Complaints Officer for other reasons.