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The Folkwang University of the Arts is committed to actively providing an environment free from all forms of discrimination. Within the guarantees of the freedom of the arts, sciences and teaching in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany (GG), we ensure the protection of personal rights as stipulated by the law. Preventive measures against discrimination and violations of sexual self-determination take place in full awareness of the specificity of art and music schools. All those affected should feel encouraged to proactively take action against any violation of their fundamental rights.

Complaints Office


There are two ways to address complaints that fall under the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG), including complaints about discrimination and violations of the right to sexual self-determination. You can either contact the university’s internal Central Complaints Officer or an external legal ombudsperson.


The purpose of the central Complaints Office is to provide a protected space in which information about the specific nature of the complaint can be disclosed without fear of repercussions. Together with the person who is bringing the complaint forward, the Central Complaints Officer will attempt to determine their objectives as well as their options for proceeding with the complaint, including legal action. She is obligated to confidentiality and non-disclosure by university regulations. Both references to the author of the complaint as well as any persons involved are treated as strictly confidential.

Discrimination according to the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)



The General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG) is the legal foundation of our work. On this page you will find an overview of the content, scope and practical application of this law, with a particular focus on the specifics of an art and music university.

Protection against violations of the right to sexual self-determination


The Folkwang University of the Arts is actively committed to preventing all violations of the right to sexual self-determination. Anyone who feels that they have been sexually harassed can contact the central university Complaints Office or the legal ombudsperson. In order to protect those who have been affected by sexual harassment from being called as witnesses against their own will and to always enable the accused to respond to accusations leveled against them with sufficient depth of information, the complaints process has been formalised. All employees of the Complaints Office are obligated to maintain confidentiality.

Gender-sensitive language


The "Guidelines for the application of gender-sensitive language" (German) clarify the application of gender-sensitive language for all types of internal and external communication at the Folkwang University of the Arts. In addition to examples of gender-neutral formulations in the German and English languages, it shows the application of the so-called Gender Star – a current standard for inclusive writing in the German language. The Gender Star offers the possibility of including not only women and men but also other gender identities linguistically.