Our approach to advising at Folkwang

In the "Excellently advised" team of the Folkwang University of the Arts we understand giving advice as accompanying and supporting those seeking advice in dealing with their issue in an apprecative manner, oriented toward the individual needs and without prejudging the outcome.

Issues can be very diverse: Ideas, questions, tasks to be coped with, conflicts, problems, and much more. As advice seekers individuals, groups, teams, organisations and institutions as well as university internal committees and organisational units can address their issues to our advisory service providers.


Our services
The accompanying and supporting is mostly conducted by means of conversations. Only in individual cases advice seekers can be supported by further activities outside of university (e.g. attended visits to the authorities).

Students seeking advice and assistance can find support in the ‚Start with a buddy‘ orientation mentoring programme provided by experienced students, so called buddies, who can for example accompany you visiting the authorities. Another place especially international student can turn to for help is the AStA's department „Internationales“.


Our goal
We want to strengthen the advice seekers' capacity to act and for reflecting sustainably. In doing so we proceed process-oriented and sensitively to diversity, and want to show advice seekers the opportunities and limits of their own actions. With our "help to help themselves" they should be able to deal with their issues independently, self-reliantly and autonomously.


Our basics conditions
The advisory services of the Folkwang University of the Arts are free of charge for all our target audiences and we naturally treat the issues and advice discussed confidentially. If you wish, you can also be advised anonymously via phone or email. The conversations can take place in German or English.