Photography | Photo Design

The 20th/21st century has been marked by a torrent of images in everyday life. Various forms of media technology organise our living environment with images and in images. The way we perceive the world is becoming increasingly dominated by images. For these reasons, the research and teaching field of Photography / Photo Design prefers examining issues related to the understanding of images as well as the criteria, by which their quality is assessed, with the aim of gaining an expanded, qualified access to photography by means of theoretical reflection.
Determining subject-matter, creating concepts and achieving appropriate visual execution while ensuring the highest possible level of technical expertise lies at the heart of what students learn how to do.  Fantasy, together with the ability to imagine while making use of clear thinking, forms the basis. It is precisely in an environment of mass access to images, where we cannot afford to underestimate the requirement to develop an independent oeuvre for the future working life – whether it be artistic or practical.

The BA seminars encompass a broad spectrum of photographic conceptions of reality, ranging from the portrait, via space and landscape through to abstracting moments in the image.  One focus is on the field of portraits, which – due to its particular reference to reality and characterised by its exorbitant similarity to the person represented - enjoys special significance in photographic themes.

The MA seminars attempt to develop and discuss artistic practice and academic reflection in direct relation to the image. Although the process of pictorial composition is paramount, it has already been accompanied in the artistic process by complementary texts. The fundamental issue as to what extent dealing with theory in a reflected manner is able to enrich, inspire and complement artistic practice is examined in the form of a test laboratory.
Themes may include "Photography and temporality", "Form and formlessness", "Materiality and pictoriality", "Photography and intermediality", "Opaque and transparent photography". 

Research focus

Starting with photographies, which deal with the question of the interface between the still and moving image, with realistic and abstractive tendencies in the image and its relationship to painting and graphics, against the background of musical appropriation, the theoretical research project of Elke Seeger addresses the various media interfaces that influence and expand photography.
This results in various fields of research.

  • Relationships between artistic and theoretical research in photography
  • Photography at the interface between opaque and transparent, investigations of the abstractive tendencies in photography
  • Photography as a transdisciplinary medium, relationships to time (time images) and music

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