Artistic Photography

Artistic Photography places the medium of photography in the context of visual art and other contemporary creative processes. How do we find an orientation within the endlessly expanding field of artistic and photographic practice and seek an independent way of working? Works by artists who favour an open, experimental method – while at the same time from a critical perspective responding to the present as well as to tradition – are presented. These positions, the artistic questions they entail, the diverse content of individual works and the artistic process are examined in detail. Not only artists who work in photography are presented; it can only be beneficial to explore the different approaches to reality in the different media and to consider them in reflection upon the specificities of the media.

Photography is located at an interface between traditional artistic media (its astonishing power of illusion and its mastery of central point perspective allowing pictorial, sculptural and also filmic approaches) while at the same time offering its specific visual qualities and strengths as a medium. In addition, continual technical developments are leading to new possibilities for recording and expression as well as new design approaches. Questions of content and form are negotiated in detail in both discussions of student work and presentations of other works. Focal themes are the content of the images, the professional execution of artistic ideas, composition, technical questions and the ultimate presentation of the works.

In this regard, Artistic Photography takes on the function of a field of experimentation: to observe, interrogate and discuss the changes that are taking place in our general understanding of images using the discursive tools of present-day art with critical potential.


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