Courses of Study in Photography

Building on the basis of interdisciplinary principles taken from the subject fields of “Foundations of Artistic Design,” “Foundations of Industrial Design,” and “Foundations / Photography,” students of photography are encouraged to discover their own unique way of utilising the various means of this medium.

Photography | Foundations
After finishing the introductory stage of their programme of study, students can select courses from among the various disciplines of photography in the aim of becoming an independent photographer capable of doing professional work within his or her chosen fields. Special emphasis, however, will always be given to the image as an original, autonomous expression. The following distinct subject areas make up the programme of studies of Photography.

Photography | Photo DesignDocumentary PhotographyArtistic Photography
In addition to the four subjects dealing with design and our focus on theo-retical reflection, the courses of study in Photography are sensibly aug-mented by courses concentrating on academic/technical issues relating to the field.

Digital PhotographyPhotographic Technology