Prof. Marion Digel

_Industrial Design | Foundations and Basic Design 3D
_Faculty Equal Opportunity Representative Fac. 4
_Faculty: 4

“Our relationship to things, their cultural, semantic and emotional meanings are the basis of my examination of creative phenomena in product design”

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_Campus: Welterbe Zollverein | Quartier Nord


Short Vita

Marion Digel is an industrial designer and Professor for Basic Design in the Bachelor's degree program Product Design and for the field of FORM & CONTEXT in the Master's program Design Futures at the Folkwang University of the Arts.


How is the perception of our human environment changing and where do our design value systems come from?

Marion Digel teaches the fundamentals of design as a “topography” of creative means and their phenomena, a test arrangement for creative experimentation. Initial design tools and methods, as well as aspects of the design process, are the content for the theoretical and practical discussions in her basic and project seminars.


In the FORM & CONTEX course, students deal with the content and aesthetics of product environments and their contexts of use. Aspects such as interculturality and changing social conditions play a role here, which are examined in terms of their effects on aesthetic perception and usage requirements and transformed into products. Students learn to develop solid design concepts, attention to detail and production-ready prototypes. These projects often take place in cooperation with industrial and cultural institutions, with the focus on didactic, experimental and research-based content.


With her research project FUTURE DESIGN PERSPECTIVES - International Student Ambassadors, Marion Digel and her students asked whether and how the values of 20th century Modernism are still useful for young designers today to meet the challenges of the 21st century.



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