Photography Studies and Practice – Master of Arts

The "Photography Studies and Practice" Master study course has been taught at the Folkwang University of the Arts since the 2012/2013 winter semester. The course focuses on dealing with the medium of photography as an artistically pictorial, visual expression, and is discussed and realised in photographic projects with students, who now come to us from many parts of the world. Together with the "Photography Studies and Research" Master study course, which is starting in the 2016/2017 winter semester, it will form a tandem to enable the continuation of the close exchange between art and academic studies.

Both Master courses are post-graduate study courses, each comprising a standard period of study of four semesters and starting in the winter semester. Graduates are awarded the "Master of Arts" (M.A.) academic degree.

The "Photography Studies and Practice" course is aimed at B.A. or Diploma graduates from creative and artistic study courses, such as Photography, Communication Design, Art and other similar fields. Applications are possible in the spring of each year. A portfolio containing previous works plus a concept for a future work project must be included with the application. Selection interviews take place in the early summer each year.

Teaching in the Master programme is oriented to a specific photographic image understanding, which can take on a wide variety of forms. The teaching content ranges from the analytical experience with images, via the perception and reception of imaging and image-producing techniques through to the theoretical and academic processing. Alongside the in-depth academic and artistic-creative study, publishing and exhibiting represent another key aspect of the training.
For many years, the Photography study course has not only enjoyed a close exchange and cooperation with the local museums and institutions in the region – namely the Folkwang Museum, the Ruhr Museum, the Emscher Archive and the Krupp Historical Archive, but is also networked in a large number of international cooperations. The Sanaa Building has established itself as an exhibition venue for Folkwang Photography students and other partners.

The students in the "Photography Studies and Practice" programme learn both to refine their own œuvres as regards content and professionally realise their artistic work at a high visual and theoretical level. In the future, the interaction between the two Master programmes with their artistic as well as academic focus will promote an in-depth understanding of both areas, while – for the artistic training in particular – opening up the discursive spaces for academic, curatorial, archival and image-editing practice.