Industrial Design – Bachelor of Arts

B.A. degrees: positioned internationally
The Bachelor’s programs in the Department of Design at Folkwang University offer students a unique opportunity, allowing many possible combinations of art, design and academic scholarship. The three-year Bachelor’s course in Industrial Design culminates in the graduation project and thesis as an indication of professional skills at a high level. This program in Industrial Design and other design disciplines is the only one of its kind in Germany that offers students such a wide range of choices. It provides a sound and flexible course of study with the option of doctoral work, and offers international compatibility.

Industrial Design in Essen: linked in and cross-disciplinary
An increasingly networked and globalized society means that designers of the future will need to be increasingly flexible and mobile, and to be able to think and work in conceptual, strategic and cross-disciplinary ways. That’s why we approach Industrial Design as a process leading to the generating of innovations through a merging of disciplines.  Our objective is to train design personalities – with general professionalism and specific expertise in Industrial Design, with solid abilities to implement design processes independently, and with comprehensive problem-solving capacities.