The Institute of Contemporary Dance (IZT)

The Institute of Contemporary Dance bundles the intensive collaboration between the dance study courses, the Folkwang Dance Studio and the Folkwang Dance Archive, and promotes the interdisciplinary exchange with music, theatre, design and academic studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts.

Dance study courses

Connecting undergraduate and post-graduate studies with the Folkwang Dance Studio, and supporting cooperation with dance related institutions strengthens the training of young dancers and choreographers as well as professional dance practice.

The Institute of Contemporary Dance is working on the further development of Bachelor, Master and other graduate programmes as well as on restructuring the academic studies. The institute is concerned with teaching and research in dance with the focus on the areas of contemporary dance and dance theatre, basic research on physical education, dance technique, movement analysis and forms of training. The students are introduced to the artistic and academic practice, artistic development projects are supported and choreographic work promoted.

On the dance study courses

Folkwang Dance Studio

The dance studio supports the development and realisation of artistic development projects by promoting the works of young choreographers as part of their Master study course and projects in collaboration with international guest choreographers. In the process, new methods in performing and choreography will be at the forefront of the training.

On the Folkwang Dance Studio

Folkwang Dance Archive

The Folkwang Dance Archive is responsible for the reorganisation of the collections and the development of a media centre, the archiving and digitalising of the past Folkwang Dance collections, as well as documenting the current artistic works.   It also opens up the collections for use in practice, research and teaching, in the process working together with the library of the Folkwang University of the Arts and with other archives and dance resources – in particular, the Pina Bausch Foundation.

On the Folkwang Dance Archive



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