With twelve years of age Eun Me Ahn started her dance training with Traditional Korean Dance. 1989 she finished her studies at the E-Wha University for Women in Seoul. Later she continued to study in New York. In 1994 she graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at the New York University. From 1986 to 1992 Eun Me Ahn danced in the Korean Modern Dance Company and the Korean Contemporary Dance Company in Seoul.

1986 Eun Me Ahn began with her choreographic work, which could exclusively be seen in Korea until 1993. While staying in New York she continued her work as choreographer. For five seasons, 1995 to 1999, she had great success with her full length choreographies and gained a name for herself amongst the critics and the audience. The press praised Eun Me Ahn for her powerful and deeply touching images and celebrated her as Korean answer to the sacrosanct Art of Japanese Butoh.

The last couple years Eun Me Ahn has again increasingly worked in her home country South-Korea, where at present, she is Artistic Director of the Deagu City Dance Troupe. Next to this occupation she also takes on other particular tasks as choreographing for the opening ceremony of the football world championship in Deagu/South-Korea.

Eun Me Ahn received numerous awards as dancer and choreographer. In her solo work she is not only choreographer but also dancer as for example in her series „Tomb”, in which she created different solos to the theme. Three of these solo works she showed at the Pina Bausch Festival in Wuppertal, 2001.

Her dance „Please hold my hand” which she choreographed for the FTS in October 2003 is as well a part of a series of choreographies: from the theme „Please ...” emerged in 2000 „Please help me” and in 2002 „Please love me” and „Please kill me”.

Eun Me Ahn is an uncommon and stirring Artist. With her eccentric, extroversion and her provocative fashion she is not only an exception in her home country. She often works with an extreme way of expression in her pieces, which convinces with its simplicity and strength, both, the audience and the critics.

Young Gyu Jang

Since 1992 Eun Me Ahn regularly works together with the composer Young Gyu Jang. For a lot of her pieces he composed the music, which is of crucial importance for the artwork as a whole. For the most part the music is performed live on stage.

Young Gyu Jang studied Chinese and Literature at the Hanyang University in Seoul, South-Korea. Since the 90ies he works as composer and producer. He has composed and produced numerous albums and soundtracks. Since 1996 he works as composer, producer and bass player for the band „Uh Uh Boo”, since 2001 he is a member of the group „Peach Sound” which has with great success dedicated itself to the composition of soundtracks.

The two Artists Eun Me Ahn and Young Gyu Jang have something in common: they cannot be reduced to one artistic school alone. Their interest also concerns other kinds of the Arts, so for example film and fashion. Their common pursuit with different areas of the Arts drew a lot of attention from Avant-garde Artists.