“Bits and Pieces”

Choreography: Rodolpho Leoni

“Bits and Pieces”, Rodolpho Leoni’s choreography for the Folkwang Dance Studio, is about sheer movement. The focus is on flowing movements, poetic and lyrical approaches to movement and an exhilarating tempo.
It was performed by the Folkwang Dance Studio’s ten dancers and two students from the Folkwang University of the Arts Dance program. In varied succession they presented dance miniatures: solos, duets, trios and group formations.

„… Leoni’s movement style allows the dancers’ bodies to look like very sensitive and precious objects throughout. This is not a style of dance that stirs and thrills in a superficial way; rather, it awakens an awareness of nuances.“
Nicole Strecker, WDR 3 Mosaik