tanzdrama 6/2001

Klaus Witzeling

...a year and a half ago the 18 minute version of „Auftaucher” was premiered in Essen. As the finale to the international festival „Art Summit III”, an extended, and now good twice the length, version was premiered at the Culture Centre Taman Ismael Marzuki in Jakarta to surprise audience success.

...at the premiere of „Auftaucher” in Jakata you could experience close up how venue circumstances can transform a cleverly constructed, complex and musically composed choreography and allow it to win and express new meaning in a particular context. Auftaucher’s openness to complex interpretations from the viewer’s perspective is proof of its quality. And its success goes to confirm, in the best possible way, the oft maligned theory that dance is a broadly accessible and universal language...

Tempo (Jakarta), October 14, 2001

Nirwan Dewanto

The 40-minute performance is wild but nevertheless precise, explosive and accurate. The empty stage (except for chairs) and monochromatic look emphasise the fact that the performers perform a dance and not just changing movements.

...For me the Folkwang Tanzstudio’s performance was the best performance at Art Summit III. In comparison to other dance groups, like those here from Asia, this group from Essen are particularly impressive and have beautiful movement as well as design and sound aesthetics.

The Jakarta Post, September 27, 2001

Linda Hoemar Abidin

What better way to close the Third Art Summit Indonesia 2001 International Festival on Contemporary Performing Arts than to present a world premiere filled with powerful imagery, subtle humour and soulful dancing by a young, ingenious choreographer? ...Horn’s Solo and Auftaucher present intensive plays of emotion with continuous shifts between meditative and explosives states.

Neue Züricher Zeitung, Ressort Feuilleton, October 31, 2001

Lilo Weber

Born in 1968, Henrietta Horn is one of German dance theatre’s most promising talents. „Auftaucher”, her piece for ten dancers and twenty rattles, confirms this once again... A beautiful, musical and intelligently structured piece, very much dance but also abstract, with an understated humour that above all else reminds us of the choreographers origins.

Die Welt, October 2001

Malve Gradinger

The day before, the excellent Essen Folkwang Tanzstudio had danced „Auftaucher” the new ballet from company director Henrietta Horn. A clever and excitingly constructed work.

...A wonderful idea was to let two rivals, positioned at a distance, duel with no more than eye contact and body tension until one slowly sinks to the floor.

WAZ, October 27, 2001

Michael Kohlstadt

...Henrietta Horn trusts here to the powers of imagination. The melancholic charm of a ballroom, the sultry smell of a Mediterranean village square where locals spur two men on to fight, are all created in the minds of the audience. Naturally thanks to the highly expressive dancers from Essen who use their excellent techniques to explore realms of individuality that are so characteristic of Folkwang dance.