Michèle Anne De Mey
Thierry De Mey
Music* und Video:
Thierry De Mey
Choreographic Assistant: Manuela Rastaldi, Gregory Grosjean
Irene Ebel
Yves Fournez
Mu-Yi Kuo
Andrea Mendez
Jae Won Oh
Justo Moret Ruiz
Resurección Rivera
Lotte Rudhart
Marcella Ruiz Quintero
The choreographies contain material, which was developed and made available by the dancers and the choreographic Assistants.
Costume: Margit Koch
Costume Assistant: Sabina Stücker
Lighting Design and Technical Director: Marcus Keller
Technical Director / Sound Engineer: Thomas Wacker
Training: Gregory Grosjean
Management and Public Relations: Claudia Lüttringhaus
Assistant: Eun-Sik Park
Première: 2. Juli 2005
*All compositions are from Thierry De Mey, except „contre six“, which was created together with Peter Vermeerch.
Thanks to: ICEM, Technicians of the Neuen Aula and the Administration of the Folkwang University of the Arts

Funded by: KUNSTSTIFTUNG NRW, Kulturbüro Essen in co-operation with the tanzhaus nrw and Cie. MADM with support from PACT Zollverein, Essen

Michèle Anne and Thierry De Mey were appointed at the 27th of June 2005 together with Pierre Droulers and Vincent Thirion new Artistic Directors of CHARLEROI/DANSES.

Congratulations, great success and best wishes.
Henrietta Horn and Claudia Lüttringhaus, Folkwang Tanzstudio